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Internal announcements – conferences, summer schools, workshops, competitions

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Below we publish information on conferences, summer schools, workshops, webinars and other events organized by other UW units, announcements of which have been sent to the Doctoral School of Social Sciences.

Please note that the announcements below are posted for informational purposes only, and the Doctoral School of Social Sciences is not responsible for their content. Any inquiries and submissions should be directed to the organizers of the event in question.

  • III International Congress „Humanities-Society-Identity”
  1. organizer: Faculty of Neophilology, UW
  2. date: December 4-5, 2024
  3. details – PDF 1, PDF 2
  • no current announcements
  • Novel Metaphor and Narrativity, or the Interplay of Schematicity and Categorization across Verbal and Non-Verbal Media
  1. organizer: Center for the Study of Culture, Language and Mind at the University of Warsaw
  2. date and place: Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 2:00 pm,
    BUW building, 56/66 Dobra St., 2nd floor, seminar room 2.90. You can join on the Zoom platform

    (Meeting ID: 988 6056 2091
    Access code: 629395)
  • no current announcements
  • (ERC) “Becoming National against the State: Popular discontent and adherence to minority nationalisms in late nineteenth-century Eastern Europe”

CEU website (link opens new page)

  • job offer in a European project INSPIRE (H2020)

details – DOCX

  • no current announcements