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Suspension of education

UW doctoral schools do not provide for leaves of absence (in the sense of, for example, sick or research leaves granted by the faculty authorities during the I and II cycle studies), but  a doctoral student can suspend their education. To do so, a request should be submitted to the School’s Director, along with a justification. The total period of suspension of education may not exceed two years – it is recommended, for the sake of accounting for the year, to suspend education for at least a semester or a year.

In the case of suspension of education for the period corresponding to the duration of maternity leave, paternity leave and parental leave, the doctoral student retains the right to a scholarship, and its amount is determined in accordance with the provisions for determining maternity allowance. If the School’s Director agrees to suspend the education for other reasons (e.g., implementation of a research project or a study visit, illness, the need to take care of a sick family member or a child under 6 years of age or with a disability certificate), the right to the scholarship is suspended.

A doctoral student suspending their education under § 41.3. of the School’s Rules and Regulations, wishing to continue to have health insurance (NOTE: only for doctoral students from UE), must fill out the ZUS ZZA form to report for health insurance during the suspension of education. During the suspension, the same rules apply for health insurance, i.e. the doctoral student must inform the university about changes in insurance coverage, i.e. deregister for the period of employment, etc.

In the case of suspension of education, the deadlines specified in the IPB (e.g., the deadline for submission of the dissertation) do not run, however, if the education was suspended during the first year, the deadline for submission of the IPB itself does not change and the document must be submitted within 12 months from the date of commencement of education.

A doctoral student is required to submit a statement of resumption of the suspended education process within one month of the end of the period of suspension. Failure to submit a statement by this date shall be deemed to be a resignation from the School.

Issues concerning the suspension of education are described in §41 of the School Rules and Regulations.