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About the school

Welcome to the official website of the UW Doctoral School of Social Sciences!

It is with undisguised joy that we present the new version of our website, which we very much hope will present the activities of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences (SDNS) in an accessible and clear way, from the recruitment process to the study programme to the staff working here or the special events we organize.

We have been operating within the structures of the University of Warsaw for more than four years, pursuant to Order No. 44 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw dated April 17, 2019, on the establishment of doctoral schools at the University of Warsaw (i.e., Monitor UW of 2019, item 118 Monitor website in Polish). SDNS is one of the four doctoral schools operating at UW (in addition to us, doctoral education is provided by the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School, Doctoral School of Humanities and Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences).

What we are always keen to emphasize: we are a Doctoral School of Social Sciences, so “nothing that is human is strange to us”. On the contrary! Human beings, their social environment and the network of connections and relationships that connect them remain at the centre of our interdisciplinary interests. We write “interdisciplinary” because we provide education in ten disciplines of the social sciences: economics and finance, socio-economic geography and spatial management, security sciences, communication and media studies, political science and public administration, management and quality studies, law, sociology, education and psychology.

Our scientific and educational offer includes not only a new, unique  study programme  (introduced in the 2023/2024 academic year) but also unique meetings with outstanding experts of the disciplines in question and many other integrative networking events (which we are constantly working on expanding).

We are actively involved in the life of the University and the community of young scientists, supporting all kinds of initiatives and activities that strengthen its position in our Alma Mater (e.g., academic year inaugurations in Doctoral Schools, the Heuristics series “In Search of the Algorithm of the City”, or TEDx University of Warsaw meetings).

We encourage you to take a closer look at our new website and to contact us. We would appreciate any feedback that will help us develop and improve it.


Let’s get to know each other well!

prof. dr hab. Mirosława Czerny

Director of SDNS UW