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Annual report of the doctoral student

According to the Rules and Regulations of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences the fulfilment of duties specified in the education programme shall be settled on an annual basis. The prerequisite for passing the year is:

·         fulfilment of all the requirements provided for in the study programme at a given stage; the subjects included in the study programme shall be completed with a non-graded pass;

·         submitting the annual report of the doctoral student, together with the opinion of the supervisor(s), within the deadline set by the Director.

The most important information on the annual report of the doctoral student:

·            date of submission of the report: 13 September 2024


  • place and method of submission of the report: signed document should be sent via university electronic mail to phd.ns@uw.edu.pl
  • in the main part of the report, in the section ‘Progress in the implementation of the study programme’  only the courses transferred to another stage of study should be entered. Credit for the remaining courses will be verified by the secretariat according to USOS.
  • attachments:
    • Opinion of the supervisor(s) – from 2024 onwards a template is provided. The first part (first page) is compulsory for all doctoral students, so it should be filled in by all supervisors. The second part (second page – ‘Individual consultation with the supervisor – confirmation of the achievement of learning outcomes’) of the opinion is obligatory for those who started their education in 2023 and their supervisors.
    • .Internship card – from 2024 onwards, the Internship card is part of the annual report. If you have not carried out an internship in a given year, in the column ‘Coure’ you should write ‘not applicable’ and sign it (in this case, the signature of the supervisor  on the Internship card is not necessary).
  • forms:
    yearbooks 2019-2022
    yearbooks from 2023
  • ordinance (in Polish only): PDF